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Note: Travel.  The expense for travel is distributed as equally as possible amongst all so as to lessen the overall expense to all Producers and Operators.  

OKSPCC LLC provides EPA SPCC spill plans and SPCC Training to Oil & Gas Producers from Canada to Gulf, including the following US States: Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky.  EPA fines are a result of Oil & Gas Producers being non-compliant of mandated EPA CFR 40-70.112 and Amendments of the EPA Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Rules & Regulations. OKSPCC 918-671-7777. Epa Spcc Spill Plans EPA SPCC Spill Plans
Environmental Engineering Consultants provides New Spill Plans, Annual
Inspections & Employee Training to Prevent for spill plans.

​Richard L. Dollar  

From Canada to Gulf of Mexico
Spill Plans $349.00
​Annual Inspections $49.00

Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure SPCC – Spill Plans – EPA  40 CFR 112

Since 2008 I have provided EPA SPCC Spill Plans to over 350 Oil & Gas companies.  

From Canada to the Gulf, while working as a sub-contractor, I have been on thousands ​of leases and provided production lease inspections, facility drawings, annual inspections and complete spill plans to many satisfied clients.  

Having driven millions of miles from Mississippi to New Mexico to Utah to the Dakotas to Ohio to Tulsa and my objective has been to insure Oil & Gas Producers & Operators are not fined by the EPA.

The EPA demands SPCC Record Keeping.

If your current SPCC does not have the following, the SPCC are VOID.

1)  Three (3) Years of Annual Inspections attached to the SPCC.
2)  Three (3) years of Annual Employee Training, attached to the SPCC.

3)  Five (5) year Annual Review must be attached to the SPCC.

4)  All SPCC before 2006 are NULL & VOID.

EPA may levy fines when no:
1)  Records of removal and or draining of water from within facility berms.

2)  Records of any and all oil and or salt water spills must be kept.
3)  SPCC without Flow Line Contingency Plans are VOID.
                                 SPCC Spill Plans  $349.00 plus travel
Price applies to a single tank battery with no more than 8 vessels in battery.

                                Annual Inspections $49.00 plus travel
                                  Employee Training -  Call for quote

SPCC for ​Commercial SWD's, 
Large Tank Battery Facilities,
Drilling Rigs, Bulk Storage, Marinas
Tank Trucks & Truck Yards,
Pulling & Work Over Units
Call for quote

Richard L. Dollar
 Oil Field Services Since 1973

EPA CFR 40-112 ​epa spcc spill plans